Callahan’s: Keeping The Legend Alive

At Callahan’s Quest For Adventure we’re dedicated to keeping alive the legend of my grandfather, Big Bill Callahan. His adventurous spirit lives on, be it found in a gale of salty air, the dark, stanky mud of a jungle swamp  or the butt-freezing cold of a snow capped peak.  Follow us as we rediscover some of the creatures he encountered throughout his travels, back in the day. I hope to capture, in my artwork each and every one of these fantastic beasts before they vanish forever.

“I’m here to keep my Grandfather’s legacy alive and to share it with the world. Not like a cold, or the flu or some nasty something-or-other picked up in a skanky seaside fishing village on a drunken jag but…like… a good thing.”
-Rich Powell

So, join us as we retrace the steps of Big Bill Callahan and follow our new adventures on the Blog.  Check out our collection of T-Shirts featuring the Award-Winning artwork of Rich Powell, Winner of the Best Product/Advertising Illustration at the National Cartoonist Society’s Annual Reuben Awards!